the perpetual associative mixtape
in turns we each add one song, associatively based on the previous one



Daniel Lanois - Apres calypso

Magic Malik Orchestra - Holly

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Ahaij

Bill Frisell - Resistor

Sun Ra - Overtones of China

Jakob Bro Trio - So In Love

Dans Dans - The Sicilian Clan

Jozef Dumoulin Trio - The Dragon Warrior

Why? - Cold lunch

Radiohead - Separator

Broadcast - The world backwards

Cupp Cave - Sun Tag

Carlos Maria Trindade - Super Express

Lali Puna - nin-com-pop

Uilab - St. Elmo's Fire

Odd Nosdam - Safe Tomorrow (Lali Puna)

Doseone - The unraveling of an emotional boy

Florist - Thank you

Laurie Spiegel - Old Wave

Going - Ag Dul



franco battiato - il silenzio del rumore
animal collective - what would i want? sky

altars altars - just look around

jenny berger myhre - interne puslespill

visible cloaks - valve

k. leimer - the cockpit

giovanni venosta - jelly ground

luke abbott - soft attacks

tobacco - the touch from within

karen gwyer - waukon

tortoise - four-day interval

david edren - balungan

craig leon - she wears a hemispherical skullcap

susumu yokota - live echo

woo - water drum

mort garson - plantasia

bill holt - dreamies, program 10 pt 4

cat power - human being

melquiades - radiate / caopy

oumou sangaré - djama kaissoumou

avey tare & kria brekkan - palneka

arve henriksen - groundswell

bohren & der club of gore - bei rosarotem licht

adhd - sveðjan

© Copyright 2020

Roel Goovaerts & Victor Van Rossem